Frequently Asked Questions

You ask the questions, we provide the answers.

Great Expectations Lawn and Landscape prides ourselves on great customer service.  Please ask if you have any unanswered questions!


How can we serve you better?

We bet you didn’t see that coming!

We’re starting our questions and answers off with a question for you!  Seriously, if there is any way we can make your experience better with our lawn and landscape service, please let us know!

How much landscaping experience do you have?

Joe Brown, the owner of Great Expectations Lawn and Landscape brings 15 years of lawn and landscape experience to your lawn and landscape.

Is it free to request a lawn or landscape estimate?

Yes.  Absolutely.  On top of our quotes being free to request, there is seriously no obligation to engage our service after receiving your quote.  We’d love to perform the service if you are comfortable with our quote.

How long does it take to receive an estimate after requesting it?

Lawn mowing and fertilization and weed control quotes are typically provided the same day.  If we are super busy, it may take us until the following morning.

As for our landscaping and other quotes that can’t be performed by measuring your lawn from an aerial map, please allow 1-3 business days to receive your quote.

Do I need to be home for you to provide us with an estimate?

You do not have to be home unless there are specific things you would like to point out while we are there looking at your property to prepare the quote.  In that scenario, we are happy to schedule a convenient time for you for us to swing by.

Do I need to be home when services are performed?

No, but you are more than welcome to be.  It is your home after all!

How much does lawn mowing cost?

The size of your property along with other characteristics such as fences, obstacles, and slopes determine exactly what our quote will be.  If you would like a lawn mowing quote, please just ask.  We are more than happy to provide you with it.

How often do you mow lawns?

We are in the business of professional lawn mowing.  Our client’s lawns get mowed every week mowing is needed.

Do you offer any discounts?

We do offer a 5% military discount for past and current military members.  Thank you for your service.

Does your lawn treatment program include free spot-spray services if weeds are present in my lawn in between applications?

Yes.  100%.  If you have any issues with your lawn in between treatments, please bring it to our attention so we can get to providing the solution ASAP.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and that does include debit cards.

When is payment for services due?

Payment is due upon the successful completion of your service to your satisfaction.  Our credit card on file policy makes paying for your service a breeze.

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