Aerating and Dethatching Services

Aeration will make your lawn great again.

Grass plants get old just like anything else.  If it’s time to renovate your turf, give us a call.

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Lawn Aeration

When Great Expectations Lawn and Landscape performs lawn aeration, we always perform a core aeration.

As shown in the graphic, core aeration is the process of pulling cores, or plugs, from the soil surface which allows water and nutrients to more easily travel down to the turf’s root system.

The healthiest lawns have a core aeration performed each fall.

Lawn Dethatching

Dethatching is another turf renovation technique we utilize when we have a client’s lawn in need.

A thatch layer is created from a combination of spent grass and cut grass clipping.  Thatch is actually good for your lawn!  But, when the thatch layer becomes too thick, it becomes detrimental.

A healthy thatch layer retains moisture in the soil and keeps it cool.  When a lawn’s thatch layer becomes too thick, it actually inhibits water and nutrients from reaching the soil and can insulate the soil creating too warm of soil conditions.

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Benefits of Aeration and Proper Turf Care

The benefits of proper turf care include a lawn that is ready for entertainment and aesthetically appealing.  It is also much easier to sell a home with a healthy lawn when compared to a weed-infested lawn with lots of thin and bare spots.

Aerating is recommended each fall.  Dethatching is recommended as needed.  But, lawn treatments are necessary all growing season long if you really want that dream lawn.

Turf Renovation Services

Overseeding can be included with any lawn aeration or lawn dethatching service.

After either service, the conditions are perfect to introduce new grass seed to your lawn.  That process is called overseeding because there is already existing grass in the areas being re-seeded.

Learn more about if overseeding is something you should have performed in addition to your lawn aeration or lawn dethatching service.

If you need a lawn full of grass today, check out our sod installation service.

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