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Truly professional lawn mowing.

We are not the ‘mow and blow’ type of grass cutting service.  We won’t leave your lawn until it has been completely manicured.

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Grass Cutting Service

Yes.  We offer a grass cutting service and we know a lot of other local lawn companies do too.

We’re seeking clients looking for the best lawn mowing service in or near Wake County, NC.

Every lawn mowing service includes:

  • The entire lawn gets mowed each week
  • Grass the mower cannot reach get string trimmed
  • All defined borders get edged
  • All grass clippings are cleaned from paved surfaces, landscape beds, and other obstacles

Grass Trimming is Included

Mowing the grass is just the 1st part of our lawn mowing service.

No mowing service is complete without walking the entire property and string trimming any grass the lawn mower could not reach.

All grass around obstacles is trimmed to the same height the grass is cut.


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Lawn Edging is Also Included

Trimming is ideal for ensuring all of the grass is cut around any obstacles or structures in your yard.

Edging is the process of defining the edges along with concrete and other defined borders such as well-maintained landscape beds.

Lawn edging is performed at a 90-degree angle and really provides that professional appear when the service is complete.

Complete Lawn Maintenance

We won’t leave your home until every blade of grass has been cut, trimmed, or edged and cleaned up.

We won’t leave grass clippings on your driveway, sidewalk, or patio.  They will be blown back into your lawn and will not be noticeable at all.  The same goes for any grass that gets into the landscape beds or playsets for example.

We mow Bermuda Grass as 1.5″ and Fescue at 3.5″ and adjust our lawn mower’s deck height as needed for all the other grass types in our area.

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