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Great Expectations Lawn and Landscape has a zero excuse policy when it comes to our lawn fertilization program.

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Grass Fertilizer

Our lawn fertilization and weed control program consists of 2 main components, the 1st being the grass fertilizer itself.

We use both liquid and granular fertilizer in our lawn treatment program depending on the purpose of each individual application.

  • Liquid fertilizer – Provides an instant injection of nutrients to your lawn
  • Granular fertilizer – Provides nutrients over an extended period of time

Weed Control

The 2nd major component of our lawn treatment program is weed control!

Our best defense against weeds is creating dense, thick turf from proper fertilizing and aerating, dethatching, and over-seeding as needed.  The weed control aspect of our applications addresses any weeds that manage to creep into your lawn.

  • Pre-emergent herbicide – Preventative treatment to keep weeds from emerging from the ground
  • Post-emergent herbicide – Curative treatment for any weeds already in your lawn
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Complete Lawn Treatment Services

When you hire Great Expectations Lawn and Landscape you get it all!

We offer one of the best lawn treatment programs in the state of North Carolina and we also provide all of the turf renovation services you may also need.

Lawn treatments are very effective for lawns that just need a little TLC.  If your lawn has been overtaken by weeds or has lots of thin or bare spots, turf renovation may be needed to achieve the lawn you desire.

We Deliver the Best Lawn in the Neighborhood

Our lawns stand out!

If you are like us and want your lawn to make you proud each time you pull in or out of your driveway, we’d love to chat.

Our lawn treatment quotes are free and are usually delivered the same day they are requested.

Don’t hesitate to request your quote!  We’d love to provide your quote just so you know.

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